deni-jacket-trends-2015_frayed-denim-2015_torn-jeans_BEST-DRESSED-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_melbourne-5One of my favourite posts, as I was not really dressed for a blog photoshoot. ‘Twas just another day, doing life when my photographer saw this beautiful street art and decided the outfit was good enough (much to my horror). Anyway, everything turned out well. Just goes to show, sometimes being impulsive and adventurous pays off. Sure, you may be having “a fat day”, “not good enough day” or any other “negativity tinged day”… but that doesn’t really mean you can not turn it around and get something fab out of it. So, be encouraged my darlings, seize the day while the sun is still shining, and all your shadows and doubts will fall behind you.

Style Note: As unprepared as I was, I think there’s a cute theme going on here. A preppy, edgy theme with a touch of sports luxe hehehe. But on the real, it’s always good to invest in a pair of stylish, comfy sneaks as they come in handy when you are not in the mood for trotting, but still want to somehow look chic. As for those riding pants…. well, let’s just say this dress (which can be seen in this shoot), was a little bit too short that day 😉 See this month’s cover, which was inspired by this cover —> here… and don’t be scared to wear your dresses as tops, especially in the chilly months. Just add a blue steel.


Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    // Blue Steel

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