black on WHITE little black on white today made life just a little bit simpler. The A line skirt and white top were “too white” for me, so I just had to throw on this black shirt dress over it for things to make sense. If you’ve been gallivanting with me for some time, you’d know what a colour addict I am. So yes, an all white outfit makes me panic a little bit… but I am getting there. Hopefully one day soon I can surprise you all with a head to toe white ensemble. But today, we just had to contrast it a bit, with the big black belt and those throwback leather boots. Yes, they are a real throwback from more than a decade ago. They still look elegant though, thanks to their simple classic shape and heel. Oh, the timeless fashion investments in life… (sigh). As for the hair, let’s just say a bad hair day can reconcile you with your creative juices 😉

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Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    //   black on white

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