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top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-bloggerWhen one’s pregnant, their dress choices revolve around what fits the tummy best. It’s funny how that all changes once you have had the baby – you no longer want your midsection to be the star of the show 😉 Not only that, but your apparel choices now depend on how fast you can breastfeed on demand, while at the same time flattering that new ‘post baby’ bod, and if you are lucky… having some semblance of style too. Sounds like a lot to ask from just one dress, right? Fortunately we have found a place that has such stylish, versatile dresses. A lot of their dresses have been fanned by many hollywood baby bumps and a few royals as can be seen on their website. This is clearly because they have such a wide range to choose from; such as this Royal Blue Bodycon Maternity Dress. Not only would it look amazing in pregnancy, but it will carry you through to that post partum stage and not only have all the above mentioned style points covered, but still look amazing too – despite all those extra baby pounds (which will soon melt away hopefully 😉 )


I kept everything on a blue monotone to get the maximum impact against that gorgeous green background. Of course there’s a few subtle but strong pops of colour, i.e. the pink lippy and the sparkly green ring. Silver footwear was definitely the best choice with this minimal colour palette, as it perfectly highlighted the dress without fighting for attention. Not to forget my fiery Senegalese twist updo that showed off the gorgeous neckline of the dress. See more of our pregnancy style photoshoots here —> Glama Mama.

top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-blogger-3top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-blogger-5-2 top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-blogger-4top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-blogger-5-3 top-fashion-bloggers-australia_seraphine-maternity-clothing_celebrity-bump_senegalese-twist_blue-bodycon-dress_africas-top-fashion-blogger-2That being said, this can still be a flattering dress even if you are not expecting a baby, as it hugs your figure elegantly and has all that side-ruching to disguise any problem area. Mine is in a bigger size as I’d over-estimated the amount of pounds I’d gain, but still looks great nevertheless. Pair it with a blazer and it will get you from work to drinks in no time!

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