Best Holiday Home Decor

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Best Holiday Home Decor

With Christmas over, chances are a lot of shiny trinkets and holiday decor have been reduced, which comes in handy if you are planning on having another party before the holiday season is over. For some modern and fresh inspiration for your New Year’s party (or any other shindig you maybe rolling out in the next few days), we have got the best holiday home decor tips for you from someone who knows a thing or two about entertaining. The potter, designer, author and all round aesthetic genius Jonathan Adler tells us how to celebrate in style (no mistletoe necessary!) via

  • UP THE GLOW – “Hang disco balls instead of a mistletoe. It always makes people smile. And put out candles and match strikes everywhere.” (Ensure sure there are only responsible adults in attendance, no kids – if you are going to use real match sticks). It may be a fire hazard, but most definitely looks amazing.
  • REMEMBER, MORE IS MORE – “Three words: layer, layer, layer. Throughout the year, the truth is I am always kind of restrained. During the holidays, I unleash a world of layers and ornaments and glitz and it is pretty great, ” says Mr Adler.
  • CREATE A KILLER TABLESCAPE – “Scatter condiment bowls along the table with everything from dips to desserts. Add some sculptural salt and pepper shakers, and instead of flowers, put out a big bowl of silver bowls. They are sparkly and festive and you can see over them without having to climb a step stool.” We say AMEN to that, especially the last part ūüėČ
  • PAY IT FORWARD – “I always gift one of my booze candles – Bourbon, Vodka, Champagne, Absinthe – whatever speaks most to the recipient. They are all the fun of drinking without the hangover.” We couldn’t agree more!

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