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Today we are talking about some of the best Australian shoe brands for babies you will find. Yaaas, because that’s what the babies of the world have been searching for! LOL, look… I know tiny babies may not be able to stand, walk or even have pressing appointments to attend to, but who is to say they don’t need the best shoes around? After all, they have the sweetest, cleanest and most sensitive feet you’ll ever encounter. And seriously, have you ever laid eyes on baby shoes? They are the cutest things ever! Probably because they stay clean forever (well, for babies aged 6 months and under). Sure, many may rant on and on about how impractical it is to indulge your baby in the art of shoe collecting so soon, but we will still do it as moms. Because they are so darn cute and nobody can stop us! Which brings me to the most important topic du jour; finding the best shoes for your precious one. Even though your baby’s daily to do plan may only include a lot of lying down and sitting etc,  that doesn’t mean they can just wear any old shoe! They have to be super comfy, and made from only the softest, bestest materials mother earth has to offer. After all, they will be going on a pair of brand new, most precious, cutest feet to ever stomp the earth (or not stomp the earth). Which is why I love Maisha Kids‘ range of shoes. They are made from the softest genuine leather you can find.

Take these cute ‘Masisi’ sandals for example. First, we got the blush hue because every insta-savvy bub knows that’s the colour of the century! Second, how cute is that embellished smiley face detail! Made from genuine leather, these are perfect for your trendy, summer loving bub as they come with a very comfortable rubber sole, elastic strap and open toe. You can find them in black and grey too (for the super stylish bub unafraid of prints, and colour – blocking), and a beautiful olive for the minimalist, monochromatic baby.

But if you are that bub who tends to gravitate more towards winter style ensembles like moi, these super comfy, unisex ‘Tilodi’ moccasins are for you. Available in red and olive, your little one is about to make an undeniable style statement! Did I mention they are made from the softest, most amazing nubuck leather! Yeah, you better go get yours.

Maisha Kids have a range of beautiful baby accessories too, such as this gorgeous ‘Morula’ headband in mustard. As can clearly be seen, this baby is handcrafted with high quality leather and a soft, stretchy headband. What more could you ask for in baby gear? Plus, I know most of you mamas prefer to shop local-made gear, so why not indulge in one of the best Aussie brands around for your precious? Click here for more of Maisha Kids goodies.

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