be brave – BE YOU


Today I thought I’d share this encouraging word by one of my fave online ladies; Holley Gerth. Be inspired.

There has never been and will never be another you. That means the bravest thing you can do is to be who you already are. Because it’s safer to be like someone else. It’s easier to hide. It’s simpler to say, “I’m not good enough” and walk away. But we need you, friend.

We need your gifts. We need your strengths. We need your smile.

When you are who you’re created to be, you become a mirror of the heart of the One who made you. The enemy of your soul will try to tell you to change who you are because he would love to interfere with that reflection. Say no, my friend.

No to comparing. No to competing. No to copying.

Instead open your heart, spread out your wings, lift up your head and live with divine confidence. You have much to offer. You are a one-of-a-kind original. No one can ever be better than you at being you. Say yes, my friend.

Yes to boldness. Yes to beauty. Yes to being who God made you.

Say that “yes” with all your heart for all your life. Speak it with everything you do and all that you become. Because one of the very best ways to change the world is by refusing to change who God created you to be.” Holley Gerth.

Have a great week!

style gallivanter