february-2015-magazine-cover_miranda-sakhino_mirandasakhino_back-to-school-fashion-trendsOh yeah, so we’ve had an extended holiday which has now come to an end ;(  We have settled back into our old (new) life, the baby is all grown and can now help with the blog (not!)… plus – we have everything set in place to get back into a new routine which will become the norm for us.  So, no more excuses. As the time has come for students to get back to school, our time is here too, to get as much as we can from 2015. And by that I am not only talking about hopes and aspirations, I am talking about the basic things like getting back our fitness, eating healthy etc. Yep, I am intentionally mentioning that because I probably need it more than all of you… and I am just putting it out there so I can have some accountability. Next month I will look back and hopefully, have made some tangible progress – especially with my fitness. It really is hard when you are sleep deprived and exhausted all the time with a million things to do… but like I said NO MORE EXCUSES! This is my life now – it might not change for some time, therefore I just have to find a way to make it work. If I can, so can you! (Jesus, help us all). Without further ado,  I’m going to take the following verse and run with it ….towards my skinny jeans 😉

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… Phillipians 4:13

Love you, and here’s to an amazing month!

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