back to basics – RESOLVE


For most, it’s back to the grind tomorrow, and the holiday festivities are starting to seem like one big throwback. It is now time to leave all that behind and move forward, hopefully in a new fresh way. A time to clear our thoughts and de-clutter our lives in order to embrace a new beginning. Some people do new year’s resolutions, some do 21 day fasts to re-align themselves with their purpose once again. Whatever you choose, great… but don’t make the mistake of doing the same old things, living the same old way and expecting things to be a different this year. Unless you are content with your hamster’s wheel of course, and are not looking for any more than that. Otherwise, let’s make a choice to really live this year. Step out and do a few brave things, meet interesting people and discover a new fearless-ness and boldness in you that you never dared to think existed. I promise you’ll look back next year and be glad you did.

My back to basics is spring cleaning my wardrobe (I see it as making space for new wardrobe blessings ;). As well as that, I’ll be trying (again) to read the whole Bible this year 😉 I guess you could call the latter my new year’s resolution. Yep, I’m going way back…back to where it all started. What’s your back to basics?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

See the full outfit photoshoot tomorrow

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