autumn inspired WINTER TRENDS

stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_top-fashion-publishers-melbourne_melbourne's-most-stylish-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-35It seems like all we have been doing lately is fantasizing about great weather. As much as we love the glam factor of winter fashion trends, the season itself is not all that – well, most of the time anyway. Especially in Melbourne, where the cold season comes with constant (freezing) rain, strong winds, etc. Anywhoo, on this nice clear day, we thought a head to toe (well, knee to toe) teal look was a great idea – our take on autumn inspired winter trends. A pair of cute little peachy flats was all we needed to add some contrast. I personally love teal, and the complimentary contrasting effect it has on my skin. My usually big fro was flat ironed and braided at the back – my new fave hairstyle. Be prepared to see it quite often from now on, as it take about 5mins on my straight hair. And just in case you are wondering, yes… I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes in my last trimester. It helps to have stretchy pencil skirts and long woollens that can still go over the tummy so, shop wisely if you plan on having children in the future. Otherwise just check out this post with discounted maternity wear from one of Australia’s best maternity online stores.

stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-27stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-31stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-29 stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-25 stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-28 stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-32 stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia-2015_teal-outfit_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-34

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Model: Miranda   //   Stylists & Creative Concept: SAKHINO.COM   //   Photography: SAKHINO.COM for —>