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The fashion world seems to be so quick with inventing weird terms nowadays, and people just can’t keep up anymore. Mmmhhh, terms such as athleisure. Sounds pretty silly right? Like normcore. LOL, actually normcore wins hands down when it comes to the weirdest fashion term to come into the scene in the past few years. Anyway, more on that one later. Basically what athleisure refers to is a somewhat athletic / sports’y look that can be worn at home, to relax… you know, just for leisure. Not necessarily to exercise. Which makes it perfect for some of us, who feel like we have to go somewhere important every time we have on a ‘normal’ outfit. So, here is my very own interpretation of athleisure, composed of the most comfy pair of tights to ever hit my wardrobe, with a bit of a colour burst, of course. This loose mint tee is  pretty breathable, which makes it the perfect item for those lazy summer weekends, or for going to work up a sweat at the gym. And of course with this coral sports bra underneath, we take the term pop of colour to the next level. What do you think? This is definitely the winning combo whether it’s leg day or just chilling at home, as looking cute is always guaranteed with La Sculpte gym wear.   la-sculpte-gym-wear-copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino-_-14la-sculpte-gym-wear-copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino-_-23 la-sculpte-gym-wear-copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino-_-6la-sculpte-gym-wear-copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino-_Model  wears Shaping Tights with mesh insert, Jaquard Stripe Loose Tee, and the Coral Sport Bra. Visit to get yours and for more fabulous sportswear, swimwear and shapewear that embraces curves and makes them look awesome in all the right ways! See more of our editorial looks with La Sculpte here and here. It’s guaranteed one of them will hit a home run with you.

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   // Athleisure with La Sculpte

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