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BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016_natural-hair-trends-2016-22When art meets fashion… magic happens. I had a little time to kill so I thought, why not create some seriously stylish art with a favourite accessory? Just goes to show how the humble scarf is so versatile. All I did was pair it with these gorgeous earrings by Velvet and Rose London, throw on some oversized glasses, find the nearest oceanic view, and there… MAGIC.  So go on, grab yourself an oversized scarf and turn yourself into a work of art. Click here for some beautiful scarves we picked out especially for your fabulous self, and let those creative juices flow… xx

BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016_natural-hair-trends-2016-15 BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016_natural-hair-trends-2016-16BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016_natural-hair-trends-2016-17BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_top-african-fashion-bloggers-2016_best -ugandan-blogger_top-zimbabwean-fashion-blog-2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016_natural-hair-trends-2016-18

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //  art meets fashion  //  velvetandroselondon

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