… and then There Was Light

Every skilled photographer knows there’s no such thing as a great photo without good lighting… & the best lighting? The real deal; i.e natural light created by the Maker of all things fabulous!

& doesn’t His creation just provide the most amazing backdrop! The best part – it’s all free.

Any blogger knows that a good blog has to have great content, and that includes amazing pictures. I know not everyone has the luxury of a photographer following them around – but guess what, we all have the choice to step outside the house and use nature, the sun & all the beauty that comes with it….

Needless to say, you will be amazed at how gorgeous the end product will be.¬†Of course, some editing every now and then makes things fun (& pink ;)) – but what we do can never compare to what what He’s already done…

…because beauty IS, the handwriting of God.

As much as me & my amazing photographer would love to take credit for these awesome pictures…

….we both KNOW they wouldn’t be all that without the creator’s lighting & backdrop.

It is no secret, the best things in life are free. Just look around and be inspired by the extravagant beauty that has been placed everywhere (out of love) just for you to enjoy! n.b For breathtaking lighting/pictures, wait till sunset or sunrise.

Featuring a cream woollen dress that is great for transitioning from winter into spring. Shoes in cream (splattered with grey & brown). Accessories: a belt worn as a neck item and yellow /cream earings. I kept everything in the the same hues for that clean look, so the sunset could be showcased – as it was undoubtedly the star of the show.