afrizine girl – FEAT. TIMIALAERE

TIMI1Yes, that’s the look of contentment right there! Perfect day in the perfect outfit 😉 We decided to start the year on a big bang with one of my new-found faves; Melbourne-based brand – TimiAlaere. TIMI ALAERE

This ‘Red Sunflower Head Wrap Print’ tank dress is from her 2012 Afrizine Collection which can be viewed here.TIMI3

Very cute, easy breezy, and simple enough to wear anywhere including the beach. Yes, while others chose sun-baking, I chose safe-sunning in this little number but still managed to turn enough heads 😉TIMI ALAERE

Looks adorable with oversized accessories, right? Gotta love items that give enough freedom to go crazy with accessories… Not to be under-estimated though, this dress can be pimped up enough to take on the town, after dark (post coming soon).TIMI5

Otherwise, it was a great choice for the hot weather (and the raging waters ;p), especially at this time of the year in Australia. 
Hope you have stayed true to your New Year’s resolution thus far… 😉

Photography Copyright: Andrew –   //   Styling: Miranda –


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