top-winter-trends-2015_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_shoe-trends-2015_best-fur-editorials-2015_sakhino-styling-192 weeks ago I wrote the first post on the Transition Series, which you can read here. I wouldn’t really call it Part 1, it was more like the last chapter, giving you the end before the beginning. So now, we are going to back track all the way to the beginning, and talk about Step 1 of ensuring a smooth transition.

More often than not, seasons of transition in our lives are never clear cut. They sneak up on us, and often in unpleasant ways. At worst, things start falling apart or just stop working… and I am talking about things that used to work, fool proof things we could rely on. Things we are familiar with, that we could even do with eyes closed. It all starts with that awful feeling, like the world and everything in it has turned against us. But if you just pause and listen… it will feel more like you are at a cross road. Where you have no choice but to make a choice. Where you have to reckon with the fact that you can not carry on the way you have been anymore. No my dear, it is not a bad thing… and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have been doing anything wrong. In fact, these are necessary seasons of life. They signal a time of growth. A time of elevation. A time of promotion, when you just have to bite your lip and take a leap of faith.

But first, you have to just stop, identify and acknowledge this season. You are going through a transition, i.e. a time when even good things fall apart so better things can fall into place. One thing is for sure, your breakthrough is waiting for you… all you have to do is emerge from the rubble you got buried under when your avalanche happened. The book of Joshua always comforts me during similar times of uncertainty…

“Be strong and courageous… I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1: 5-6

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