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style gallivanter

BORN and bred in the amazing country that is Botswana.

CURRENTLY based in Melbourne, the fashion Capital of Australia.

QUALIFIED as a Financial Risk Analyst,  now just Purposefully & Fashionably Styling.

MISSION: To positively impact the world, one stylish outfit at a time.

WIERD FACT: a soldier disguised in pink shoes and gigantic bows.

GUARANTEED: You will find some deep articles here, some silly ones, a whole lot of stylish ones as well as some that you just won’t get… but bear with us, for they all come from a special and positive place. Enjoy ;p

CONTACT:  WebsiteSakhino.com   Instagram/Twitter/FB: @Sakhino   Email: stylegallivanter@gmail.com

The goal is to inspire you in every way imaginable, and hopefully you will leave feeling even more encouraged to live the best life that only YOU can allow yourself to live (because it is there for the taking).

For Inquiries on the Image and Style Consultations, contact us at sakhino.com

Otherwise, just show some love by leaving a nice comment ;p

Love, M xoxo

Now, Go Forth & Be Fabulous!

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