a time to BE GRATEFUL


Happy new year again. The first Sunday of 2014. Just like new year’s resolutions – many people have special things they do at the beginning of the year to show just how grateful they are for another new beginning. What do you do? Please don’t be one of those people who just take it for granted. Do something that will set the precedent for your whole year. Something meaningful. Something personal. Something that has the potential to grow you and affect the people around you for the best. It can be as small as taking time to send handwritten letters to all those people who don’t know just how much you love them… show love, the creator’s way.

Take this as my letter to you saying ‘thank you for taking time out to read my blog, and supporting me even though I may never meet you’. I really appreciate you, thank God for you, and I certainly hope my words stir something positive inside you, always.

Miranda xoxo

Model: Miranda

Photography: SAKHINO.COM

Stylists & Creative Concept: SAKHINO.COM


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