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In the spirit of changing seasons and fresh, bright beginnings, we thought we’d celebrate the floral season; Spanish style. Hence our Spanish Spring cover, shot in Barcelona. Like I always say, when visiting an awesome place, dress accordingly.  And honestly, to me… nothing says Española like a vibrant, ruffled number in rich hues of red and black. Yes, because Flamenco is the first thing some of us think of when we see or feel anything Spanish! It doesn’t get any less fiery than that! I don’t usually wear overly floral things (yes I let that cup pass me by, intentionally), nor the colour red (I’ve tried, but it’s just not my personality)… but for Spain, I thought I’d try. And I must say I found a happy medium in this beautiful black maxi. It had all the fiery elements of flamenco, but still kept things real and mild enough for my personality. And as for Barcelona, let’s just say it’s right up there with Cape Town and stuff… in my ‘favourite cities’ list. You know, it’s just one of those places, that just leaves you in awe! Yes, it totally had that effect on me. So pretty! So artsy. So cultured. So real. Gotta love that!

Anyway, you go and have a great April and Happy Easter in advance. Remember the real reason for the season, it’s not just a time to eat heaps of chocolate.

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Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)    //   Styling: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)   //   A Spanish Spring  //  Top Australian Fashion Bloggers 2017

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