a shade of – BLACK & WHITE

Celebrating 1 year in Blog-o-sphere today. Terrifying as it was putting myself out there, it was worth it. It was through this that I learnt many important life lessons, including….

Never apologize for being you. Take all the gifts and talents God’s given you and do something about it.

Have principles and guidelines that you adhere to. A wise person once said “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Know your strengths and work them! Never. ever apologise for being fabulous!

Take time out every now and then and enjoy the wind and the view. It’s a marvellous creation we live in ūüėČ

Find opportunities in everything – whether it’s for a photoshoot or whatever you want to do. It’s the little coincidences in life that pleasantly surprise.

Don’t wait to live. Think “what do I have now” … and make it work!

Have fun with it. The thing you love has the potential to become the thing you resent if you take it too seriously.

Respect your audience and give them only the best quality. Even if it’s an audience of 5.

A big THANK YOU to all my followers, whether it’s on the Blog, Twitter, FB Page,¬†Youtube¬†or the Website. You all inspire me to be better every single day.

To all of you who constantly encourage me (you know who you are)… thanks for being all that you are to me (love you lots)…

To my husband – thanks for believing in me and supporting me in more ways than one. With you in my life, I don’t have to look far to realize how much God loves me… Love you always.

…& to the (extravagant) lover of my soul, ¬†the only dude who’d die for me without even thinking twice, the one in whom I have my being (Acts 17:28), you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I am all I am today coz you gave me only the best and thanks for reminding me what I stand for everytime I get overwhelmed. I will always live to reflect you.

Have a great day people! *hugz*

P.S All the best with the American elections – remember it’s not about the choice you make, it’s whether you’ll be able to live with it. Vote wisely. xx

…a few hours later…¬†Congrats to the best looking 1st family ever! – “Like a true Kenyan, he won the Race” M Baloyi ;p