live a little – NEW OUTLOOK IN 2013

A little reality check for all of us my friends… We are not really having a new year if we still have the same outlook we had last year … or worse; a decade ago.

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Unfortunately a lot of us are walking around with the same mindset we had in 2012 or even 2003. Still doing things the same way we did them 10 years ago or last year doesn’t show much growth, especially if we have the opportunity to do or be better presented to us …and we don’t take it.

Nonetheless, with or without an opportunity to grow handed to us; let us do ourselves a favour and… change, grow, try new things, LIVE a little in 2013. We might just discover a better version of ourselves and wonder why we never tried change earlier.

So here’s something to ponder on; do you have a teachable spirit or are you vehemently holding on to the way you’ve always done things even though there’s always room for improvement? Remember, He (or she) who doesn’t grow remains stagnant.