A Mid-Summer Day’s Dream

Hot weather, perfect tan, deep blue waters and maximum fashion – those are the things we all dream about ūüėČ …

…but wait! Black in summer! Isn’t that like, uh, taboo? ¬†Well, it’s time for some overdue 2012, ‘out of the box’ thinking. Here, we are about breaking the mould and challenging the status quo. Needless to say, we ¬†triumphantly did all that with black, gold and a whole lot of blue. The result? Exquisite!

Our model wears a black singlet dress and gold accessories. Very simple, but right on the money!

There’s no need to wear what the self appointed fashion gurus tell you all the time. Take what you have and MAKE IT WORK. ¬†You might just be pleasantly surprised.

So now, you Go forth and be Fabulous!

Love M, xoxo