Location: Walled City of Avignon, Provence (FRANCE)

EDGY IN AVIGNON – Just another pr’evening, strolling the ancient streets of the beautiful walled city of Avignon.  Oh yeah, Avignon will certainly give you some old hollywood, movie set vibes. This little town, set in the South of France is an absolute delight!  But beware, the temperatures in summer were nearing the high thirties! Never in my life did I picture any part of Europe getting that hot! Except Venice, coz well… it’s just a city floating in a big bath tub. Anywhoo, yes, it was very hot on this day hence my go-to ‘hot weather travel top’ which can be viewed here, here, here and everywhere else! Lol what can I say, it goes with literally everything! (Clearly this girl needs a new wardrobe, like pronto! hahaha). But on the real though, I am not a dark lipstick kind’a girl, but since no one knew me in Avignon, and this was during the Avignon festival with a lot of people dressed crazy, I thought I’d just go on this wild, dark purple ride! As for the retro sunglasses… well, they had me feeling all kinds of bawss for sure!

My hair on the other hand, hmmm… let’s just say it was another potentially bad hair day made good. Honestly, when it’s that hot, I fantasize about cutting my hair (which I recently did, but that’s a story for another day). So the solution is usually to tie it up, literally ontop of my head and let the chips fall where they may. And on this day they kind’a fell in all the right places. All I had to do was pin everything down into this quintessentially French bob, que pensez-vous?

Earrings – Well y’all should know by now that I have a thing for some seriously serious shoulder duster action, OK? As can be seen here.

P.S. Pr’evening is a cute little word that I learnt from Mr Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), used to capture that time between late afternoon and evening. You know, that little window of time that has no name – when it’s too late to be afternoon and a little bit too early to be evening… like 5:39PM. Yep, that’s Pr’evening (Pre-evening, pronounced pree-v-ning). BAM! We all learn something new (and life changing) everyday. You are welcome!


Model: Miranda    //    Photography: @MrAndrew_K for stylegallivanter.com)   //  EDGY IN AVIGNON

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