“My people perish for lack of knowledge..” Hosea 4:6

As much as I love fashion, I cherish one thing the most…The fact that I am loved by the God who created the whole universe & everything in it!

Hello my loved ones,

A happy good friday to you all. It’s called GOOD Friday for a reason – because it signifies the time when the most extravagant act of love (ever!)… happened – i.e when Jesus went to that cross (yes the one me and you deserved), and got hung to death so you and I could have life and hope. Tell me, how many people do you know that would actually die for you? (& not just say it…?)

Sorry to burst your bubble but Easter has nothing to do with the Easter Bunny, but everything to do with the one who loved us more than life itself.

That being said, here’s something to ponder on during this weekend – What would you have left if all that you know and love was ever stripped away? I can stand here boldly and confidently (popped collar and all) and tell you I’d still have the most precious, most valuable thing left – Something NO ONE could ever take away from me – i.e my relationship with a LIVING God – one who loved me when there was not much to love about me.

I am writing this because I love you enough to be real with you – I hope and pray that your hope is not based on the temporary, meaningless things of this world (oh yes, fashion included) because they can vanish in a second… but God is the only thing known to mankind (even though not always acknowledged) that will stand the test of time. After all, HE IS the author of time ;).

Have a great weekend and take this time to think about your life and the purpose behind it. Enjoy the song below.

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