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Earthy Tones and 90s VIBES

I mean, who doesn’t love a good 90s love song? The music was definitely off the charts even if the fashion trends were a bit questionable… hence why I blame the 90s when I want to do something crazy that I can’t justify. The key to layering like an expert fashionista is to keep everything within the same colour scheme; use tones that compliment each other well. As you can see, I am rocking some browns and eggshell coloured hues, plus everything in between. These are nice neutral and earthy tones which do not have the potential to offend the fashion police even when overdone, just because they are easy on the eye. Sure, I get away with it too because they are probably some of the perfect colours for my olive caramel skin (yaas boo, sweet like creme caramel). As for the faux fur vest (all you animal lovers can now sit down), I often wonder – what season was this made for? A valid question if you think long and hard about it. I mean, it is sleeveless. Therefore, it has no potential whatsoever to keep you warm in winter, and it is way too hot for summer. I guess the best time for pieces like this one is transition periods from Winter to Spring, or Autumn to Winter. But I can not  guarantee your arms won’t be chilly, unless if you wear a long sleeved top underneath.

Moving on, the 90s vibes come through that thin scarf (yes, because chokers were everything in the 90s). As for the hairstyle, I am not sure if it’s really 90s, but I know it’s certainly trending at all kindergartens around the country 😉 Golden booties? Well… you gotta testify, because the bootie don’t lie. At least that’s what they say. In the video down below. But I can’t promise they were talking about this kinda bootie…

90s vibes, 90S-FASHION-TRENDS-2016_miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-5miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-22miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-14miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-19miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-9miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-15miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-2miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-11miranda-sakhino_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-www-stylegallivanter-com_faux-fur-trends-2016_uk-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-bloggers-2016-australia-13

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)    //   Styling: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)   //  90s VIBES

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