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Hey there… Long time, but such is life. On the positive side…. my blog still exists and has about 900 posts to keep you well-read (pronounced well-red) every time I go on my long sabbaticals. Before I start, I really think the spelling of words such as the past tense of read, which has the same spelling but is pronounced red, should be changed to the latter. I mean, was the inventor of the English language so lazy or he/she just never got around to doing it? I find it super confusing when I am reading. So one of you activists out there should start a campaign about that. It’s 2020 for crying out loud. A new era. Ain’t no’buddy got any more time for confusion!

Talking about new eras, yes, 2020 has been one hell of a roller coaster year! And to think we are just starting the second half of the year now, yet so much has happened already!¬† Of course corona virus hit… PAUSE. Let me speak for Australia. The worst bush-fires came and did some serious damage. You remember when pictures were trending where it looked like the whole of Australia was just one giant burnt toast? Yes, that really did happen. Sad times. And it set so many people back. Then corona hit. HIT ALL OF US LIKE AN UNEXPECTED ICE BUCKET OF WATER TO THE FACE. Yes, that is how it hit. It didn’t come here to play. No one was prepared; rich, poor, fat, skinny, black, or white. It was no respecter of persons. I seriously hope in 2022 we will look back and think, wow what a nightmare (i.e. I am hoping that it will be long gone by then). It still feels unreal. I can not believe that actually happened, it’s still happening. I really do hope that is what we will be saying in 2022 versus going through something worse or something of the same scale. I am pretty sure I am not the only one thinking, oh dear… I hope nothing worse happens. We are all on the edge of the global seat wondering what is going to happen next. Not that we should live in fear… but that is the overall feeling. We have certainly realized that we have no idea what the future holds, or what could erupt the next moment. Especially after the murder of George Floyd and the global uproar it caused.

Yes, we are going to go there. Let’s talk about that. I honestly feel as if COVID-19 brought the world together. We were¬†all in this together, you know. We were in it against our will, but we were in it together. People lost loved ones. The whole world mourned with them. Amazing acts of kindness were seen and experienced on a daily basis. We, once again, as humans, learnt to appreciate each other. We learnt to prioritize. Some panicked, and bought all the toilet paper, but at the end of the day, we learnt what really mattered in life. Out of this came the funniest memes, beautiful pictures of kindness everywhere, the most heart-warming videos of communities singing together on balconies… But right in the middle of our Kumba Ya medley, just when we were about to take it to that next level key change (lol,) BOOM! Mic drop!

The stinkiest of all stinky things was uncovered right in the middle of our global choral spectacular! Some angrily walked away. Most just covered the stink and pretended it wasn’t there. And a few dug right into the middle of that stink and tried to clean it out. We, as a human race were finally exposed. Turns out we were not as united as COVID-19 had told us we were. We were definitely NOT as kind as we’d initially thought we were. The George Floyd murder exposed us, as a human race. We all heard about it. Against our will. It dropped like a bomb. Caused an uproar everywhere. Brought up an ancient sin issue to light that had existed for centuries and centuries before us.

I hope I have done a good job setting the scene for you (if you are reading this is 2045), but I didn’t want to make this post too long so it is going to be continued in Part 2

But the biggest lesson I have learnt in 2020, is how to discern between these 3 groups mainly:




Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but you’ll have to come back and read part 2. One thing I can assure you is that this will have the right amount of truth and grace. It’s been a struggle talking about this. I have been going back and fourth about this for more than a month month now. And the more days that pass by, the more time I spend with God, the more I realize I can not be silent. So yes, do come back, and hopefully you too, will feel empowered enough to stand up for truth and deliver it with an equal amount of grace and love.

Love you and thanks for making it this far when there were thousands of things to do.

In the meantime you can click here to check out this page that I created for normal people like me and you who want to be part of the solution but don’t even know where to start… don’t worry I am not asking you for money, just asking that you read, listen and hopefully be inspired enough to do something in your own little corner to create a better world for our kids. A world where true unity, love and dignity can be experienced by all regardless of their skin colour, social status etc etc

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