Location: Marrakech, Morocco

You know, the awesome thing about having a personal blog is that you can step away from it when duty calls, then come back when the more important matters have been taken care of. So yeah, we back baby! (to all of you who have been worried that I stopped blogging). The thing is, I used to feel bad if I skipped a month or a few weeks without blogging, but this time I haven’t blogged for months, and I don’t feel anything. Nothing. At all. It’s probably the longest I have stepped away from the blog. Not only have I realized that I am NOT superwoman, but I have learnt am learning to give myself some grace. Lots of grace. Amazing grace. Oh how sweet the sound… of that self imposed pressure falling off…

Anyway, great news – I just gave birth to my second baby a few months ago, and yeah – this whole parenting thing is a lot of work. I have been going through ‘the transition period’ from 1 to 2 children. It’s not easy I tell ya! Especially when you are in far far away land, thousands of miles from the ‘helpful village’ everyone needs to raise children. But hey, I believe God will ‘grow’ me my very own village here to help me raise these kids. They say it takes a village, right? And that my friend, is why I have had to cut a few things like my blog because I literally had no time at all (add sleep deprivation ontop of that… and yeah, you get the picture). But now I feel like I am SLOWLY finding my rhythm and pace at which to do this life. I am SLOWLY trying to re-introduce some things that I miss back into my life; like blogging. That, plus I have a lot of backlog when it comes to photoshoots that have been sitting untouched for a LOOONG TIME. I feel like they deserve some air time, such as this one, shot in Morocco more than 2 years ago (I know!) Procrastinating does not even begin to describe the situation right here. Anyway, I will be posting the full photoshoot very soon. I hope you like this month’s mum swag cover ­čśë

My top in this picture says “I will see it when I believe it”, and that is the very essence of faith. Which brings me to this very important question; what are your plans and intentions for 2019? I am taking baby steps. If I can take care of myself and my family, blog regularly and lose some weight this year, it’ll be a successful one for me. I know that last part doesn’t sound very deep and purposeful, but hey… what good is an unfit soldier on the battlefield? Yes. I am currently that soldier – huffing and puffing from the past 4 years of ungodly food choices and no exercise, so now I have to do the time.

Till then, have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by. May God bless your year. Looking forward to seeing more of you here, as you witness my mum swag unfold (wink wink…)

Love you, miranda xx