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Here’s the story with our 100% mulberry silk facemasks Australia. First, get yourself one here: Kalahariink.com.  See the thing is, I have had a minor obsession with face masks ever since people started wearing them a few years ago in China and other Asian countries. I used to tell my husband “You know one day face masks will be just another normal fashion accessory, like earrings or necklaces…” etc; a conversation which of course never lasted more than a minute LOL… Was I prophesying the calamity that is now sweeping the nations? No. I was just another accessory lover who could forecast trends I guess. If you know me, you know I love my accessories. Fast forward to 2020, the Face Mask looks like it’s here to stay… well, at least for a few months. Until we can all feel some sense of peace that we are safe.

Therefore, it only made sense that I include face masks in the little project I have been working on since the end of 2019. A project which experienced delays because of certain unavoidable circumstances. Then COVID-19 hit, the mother of all unavoidable delays… Mrs Lockdown if you please. Anyway, everything was brought to a screeching halt, so my secret March  2020 Launch was never to come to fruition. But now there is no reason to put life on hold, which is why I am here to tell you about the best face masks Australia has to offer, currently. Am I biased, maybe… just a little bit. But after looking online to find unflattering masks with funny prints and weird fits, I decided it was time to add masks to what we were already working on over at KALAHARI INK. I was after luxurious face masks with a beautiful fit. Not only that, but sustainable, biodegradable and washable face masks that are made from natural textiles. I don’t mind a little polyester here and there on my clothes, but I am definitely not going to be inhaling polyester on a face mask. No ma’am! I did not want an elastic chafing behind my ears or even funny little wires clamping down on my nose either. Sounds like I am a tough customer right? Well, I figured if I can’t find the kind of minimalistic stylish masks I am after, then I might as well make them myself.

Here’s the deal, if I am going to look like a reindeer, it might as well be a damn stylish one! And I know for sure that there is a whole herd of others like me out there, so there you go. You are welcome. We will be launching in a few days. So the best thing for you to do right now is hop on over to KalahariInk.com and register for the VIP Priority shopping. What exactly is that? Well, it is a special group of fancy people who are going to get the opportunity to shop first before we open to the public. This will most definitely work out in your favour as these are limited stock. You don’t want to come scurrying in late only to find the masks gone. The ones out there are not the same, they have skimped out on the silk, and are overpriced for what you get. Our masks cover your chin, and are made to fit the widest and longest of all faces with the pointiest noses. So yes, these are well thought out. Did I mention they are double layered, with an interior pocket for filter insertion? They are, and they DO NOT feature an elastic or wire anywhere. They are PURE MULBERRY SILK. Also referred to as the most luxurious silk available for purchase. So yes, we took our time to bring you only the best of the best without compromising in any shape or form. These are bespoke pieces, handmade with love; using sustainable, biodegradable, washable, natural fibres only. No, we do not just care about our fancy noses, but we do care about the environment too and will keep doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will be stocking these face masks in 5 colours (shown below), as well as some stylish luxurious light weight cotton masks in 2 colours. Kids masks will be available too. So go on, do yourself a favour and register before you regret it. Winter is here and you don’t want to be caught  exposed next to some reckless fool on the train who’s not even trying to do the dab or cover his/her nose while sneezing.

DISCLAIMER: These face masks are made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, double layered with an interior pocket for filter insertion. These face masks have NOT been tested against COVID-19.

Australia, if it’s luxury, affordable face masks you are after, then click here to get yourself Australia’s favourite face mask.

P.S. Unfortunately we are not able to do international shipping at this point. Only shipping to Australia.

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